Saturday, November 13, 2010

#13: A note about HitchBlog FAQ and updates...

We're trying to cover every possible question/issue, so if you have any that aren't already included in the FAQ, post a comment, Facebook me, email me, call me, etc and I'll answer it on the FAQ for everyone to see! Don't be shy - everyone has the same questions and we'll *all* be travelling to get to this blessed event, so let's streamline the process and keep everyone on the same page... The Stage Manager in me is happily finger-twiddling at this prospect...

I'll post the link update on Facebook every time I adjust the FAQ. You can also click on "Follow" on the right hand side of the page and you'll get updates (I think) when something changes or something new is posted.


  1. bababooey bababooey

  2. Mom and I have just reviewed the fabulous update and are even more excited than ever! We could not be happier for the two of you - this is the PERFECT wedding. Kudos to you guys for keeping it real and awesome. We are cruising places to stay as we speak. We'll make a decision soon and let you know!
    Love you both.

  3. My question is when in May of 2011 is this wedding being held? I haven't seen the date listed anywhere.

  4. Saturday, the 21st... invitations haven't gone out yet but that's what's on 'em... =)