Thursday, November 4, 2010

#10: Location, Location, Location!

We've finally settled on a location for our big day - how exciting! (It was getting hairy there for a little bit...) WHAT'S UP, BEACH WEDDING OUTTA NOWHERE?! Didn't see that one coming! But I (and Charlie) am super excited and already starting to feel so much more relaxed... Except that this will affect my shoe decision... ha.

I found the property while trolling a fabulous vacation rentals website called HomeAway, which I highly recommend. There were tons of great places, but this one has everything we want and it matches my color scheme, HELLO! ha. Priorities, people. You know, it's almost as if the gods knew how much it pained me to wear heels, albeit cute heels, so they got to brainstorming and thought up this little oceanic jewel...

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