Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#8: A New Idea...Picking Up Steam.

So there are a lot of logistical anomalies (did I say anomaly? I meant nightmare, of course - silly me!) involved in planning a wedding in a city where our friends and family don't live. Everybody has to get here, find hotels, hustle from place to place in a strange city... That means everybody will be on the phone needing directions and times and lord knows what - a bit of a bumble in a matter of two or three days.

And then we saw Belle Isle... A Virginia State Park location with a former family vacation home and grounds now being rented out at a very reasonable fee. Photos of the mansion, guest house and grounds are just wonderful...

I've spent the past two days doing the pro-con analysis. And trying not to tear my hair out. So here goes...

If we have the wedding at the Poe Museum, which is beautiful, we'll be spending money on both a ceremony location and then a reception location - plus food, decor, etc... AND we have to set-up and take-down TWO locations (unless we go to a restaurant and spent a boatload of money on tapas for 30 people). Also... A Poe Wedding = A SMALL wedding. And by small, I mean don't bring a date. Or your purse because there's not room. ha.

On the other hand, if we can get Belle Isle... More people can come, everybody can stay on the island if they so desire, the space is already nice and won't need a lot of decor, we can DIY the food and alcohol/jazzy lemonade, and have the wedding and reception in the same area - easy, breezy, beautiful! (That's a Cover Girl slogan quote, thank you America's Next Top Model for inundating me with trite sayings...)

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and try to get there tomorrow to see whether the area will work out for us but I've got a good feelin'...! The first available time slot is mid-June, so everybody should be out of school and ready for a break. And, of course, manual labor. Which is kind of like a break only not. Ha.

Keep you posted on what happens this week... we need to decide in the next few days and things are filling up quickly!

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