Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Groomsmen.

Who'd have thought the groomsmen would be one of my biggest challenges in planning this wedding? We still don't know who's coming for sure (there are about 8 of them) or what their sizes are, and it appears that, when cornered, many of them think they are XLs - "the baggier the better." When asked for "suit measurements" as well as "sizes" the resounding "?????" was deafening. Apart from shrieking "Measurements are numbers and sizes are letters!!!" over and over, I've just kind of left the question marks hanging in the air and have retreated to my happy place...

UNTIL NOW. We're six weeks out and time is getting thinner: I need to get to gettin'!

I've gone back and forth about what to do to ensure everyone looks their best, debating whether to rent suits (option 1), buy them pants/shirts/ vests/suspenders (option 2), or have them bring their own (option 3)...

One of the groomsmen was notoriously in a wedding last year to which he wore a powder blue tuxedo and ruffled shirt. I saw it with my own (horrified) eyes. So option 3 is just out of the picture. ha. Option 1 was looking pretty good until I started looking at the suits available in our area. Since we have no idea who's coming when, it seems like a bit of a lost cause to assume that they'll have the time to get measured and have the suits fitted. And the guys are ideally more of a relaxed "we wear vests instead of jackets" bunch. The only vest rentals I have found in Richmond are shiny or brocade-y, so that's a nix. I thought maybe I could find tweed, flannel, linen or cotton vests on ebay for everyone in a nice range of greys and taupes... but no luck up to now and I don't even have their sizes anyways. It's a lost battle from the get-go.

I'm sure by now those of you who aren't like me are saying "who cares, just pick something." I didn't put all this time and effort into letting boys defeat my overall aesthetic! I'll figure this out!

So here's what I'm thinking now. Suspenders. Sounds a little hokey, but with mismatched striped ties, colored shirts and grey or brown pants... I think it might work. A little quirky still, no stuffy suits (end of May, y'all, outdoors) but they look like some effort has been made by someone who cares. Right? I think I like the skinnier ties and suspenders better but I need to see them on. CHARLIE! :)


  1. I love it!
    P.S. When Ben says he's an XL, he's not kidding. Dude's huge.

  2. Ha, I believe it! I did double check to make extra sure since he's slender... Some of the other fellows in reality are closer to your brother's size, but it's hard to eyeball from hundres of miles away... ;)