Saturday, April 2, 2011


Finally, I've completed (well, started at least, only *fill in blank* more to go...) a DIY craft project! Woo hoo! I've decided to customize my gown and also have some other plans for these little babies...

So I'll be working on flowers this weekend, just saving money like a mad woman. ha.

A quick rundown of the process...

I chose to use four different fabrics and pearl beads, but that's totally open to interpretation. I knew that I wanted to make at least 20, so I bought enough fabric for about 50 flowers - which was 3/8 of a yard of each material. I chose faux silk, tulle and lace.

I followed the tutorial I found on the website Holiday Crafts and Creations, printed out the flower template, and got to cuttin'. I get impatient early on, so I did them 4/5 at a time, and it worked out great. I need to get some new scissors because I was using my hair scissors and they aren't cut out (heh heh) for crafting.

Once you cut the materials, you use a candle and your perceptive eye to singe/curl the edges, and then sew the various bits together along with the pearls.

I'm sure it took me forever to get going but I had a glass of wine and a good time, so don't be daunted! Once you get your groove down you can blow through these babies. The longest/most painstaking portion of the project is carefully curling the fabric with fire. Polyester doesn't like to be lit, and feels like plastic burning into your skin, so's you know.

I'm gonna make a hundred of these!


  1. Awesome! Girl, you know I got fabric shears. I love this project; it's giving me some wonderful ideas for my wedding!

  2. this is going to be BEAUTIFUL.