Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's Esther... just checking in...

Most of the invites are out, so please remember to RSVP so that we know what we're dealing with. ;) We've asked for approximate arrival/departure dates so that we can plan additional activities/meals/etc accordingly. Since we are not able to have a big hullabaloo, we'll be able to invite others one-by-one as space opens up. We're not trying to be exclusive but rather are working to stay within our means. There will be many photos I am sure...

For those of you who have offered your assistance, I will still be needing help to pull this thing off! But to be honest, I'll probably start asking for that near the end of the semester (last day of class for me is april 26!), when I start actualizing most of my DIY projects and going into design execution mode. The crux of it is - I'm really not as organized as you give me credit for. You may have noticed that I like a bajillion different things (my uncle suggested having multiple weddings to cover all the bases); the next few months will almost solely involve distillation and editing practices. Oh, and grad school. And my film internship. etc. I really appreciate all the offers and good will and shall DEFINITELY be getting back to those who are so kind as to have offered assistance... But absolutely not before spring break. Ha.

Otherwise, things are ticking along at a good pace, it seems, and MAN am I ready for warmer weather. I feel like I have a million projects I intend to start THE MOMENT it breaks 65 degrees outside. ;) And I'm sure that Charlie is dying for WEDDING MODE to kick in and take over his life. ha. He's been really supportive but he's not really as into design and planning as I am...

Please email me if you have any questions etc and I'll keep posting! If I'm working on something, I'll post that, and if not, I'll keep posting the weddings I see online that I am drawn to. You may be noticing some trends... :)


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